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vol14 Crease Crazy by oriol esteve Nicolas origami-shop books

vol14 Crease Crazy by oriol esteve Nicolas origami-shop books

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"Crease Crazy" is Oriol Esteve's third book. It follows the same concept as "Fold with the Flow", i.e. direct origami, avoiding tedious steps.


In this book, the models each explore new folding sequences to solve and simplify the technical challenges usually associated with super-complex origami, such as making thin legs or heads with eyes.


In addition to the 20 models, this book also includes a comprehensive 30-page guide focused on how to start to design. It provides practical examples and general considerations to help the aspiring designers to achieve their first creations.


About the 30-page guide, a translation into French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese is offered free of charge, so that every folder can read and integrate Oriol's teachings more easily. This translation can be downloaded in pdf format from your account (don't forget to order from your account instead of a guest account).


  • 160 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 20 models + 30-page guide
  • Languages: English and spanish + traduction du guide à télécharger depuis votre compte
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